Shadows of the North America Nebula - 1st Edition


Shadows Of The North America Nebula The North America Nebula NGC7000 captured in 2020 from Grand Mesa Observatory using a QHY367 Pro C full frame one shot color 36 Megapixel CMOS camera mounted on a Takahashi 130 FSQ APO Refractor telescope. Often ignored in images of The North America Nebula is the immense patch of shadows, the dark nebula LDN 935 appearing prominently (left of center) with the Cygnus Wall (at bottom left) and The Pelican Nebula IC 5070 (at center). The dust from this dark nebula obscures the emission nebula to form the region known as The Gulf of Mexico. This detailed image surely visualizes the nature of dust and gas clouds that populate the universe. In this Hubble Palette version (SHO) the H-Alpha is mapped to green, SII is mapped to red and OIII is mapped to the blue channel. RGB data was used for the natural star color, covering an area over 3 x 2 degrees of sky. Captured over 5 nights in May and June 2020 for a total acquisition time of 20.8 hours. Technical Details Captured and processed by: Terry Hancock Location: Purdy Mesa, Colorado Dates of Capture May 21, 29, June 10, 12, 15 2020 RGB 290 min 29 x 600 sec HA 495 min 33 x 900 sec OIII 210 min 14 x 900 sec SII 255 min 17 x 900 sec Narrowband Filters by Chroma (5nm) Camera: QHY367 ProC full frame one shot color CMOS Filter Wheel: QHYCFW3 Large Gain 2850, Offset 76 Calibrated with dark, Bias and Flat Frames Optics: Walter Holloway's Takahashi FSQ 130 APO Refractor @ F5 Image Scale: 1.56 arcsec/pix Field of View: 3d 7' 41.0" x 2d 3' 5.3 (127.3 x 190.1 arcmin) EQ Mount: Paramount ME Image Acquisition software Maxim DL6 Pre Processing in Pixinsight Post Processed in Photoshop CC and Starnet.

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